Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When thoust party is over. Turnith out the lights. Turnith out the lights.

15:52 in that moment, in thine winking of a light, at the last call. For the innkeeper will sound, Yay, and the drunk will be raised imbibed, and we will be asked to clear.

Thine is't wholesome audience participation. Yay, thy is with thee there. Shoutith your praise forward. Unto the screens of heaven.

6:7 "All thy strong ones are scattering; they have sought permission to go and paradith thy sparkled vestments unto a single Sabbath day and the prior.” The Lord hath sayith, “Go! Walk brightly before your image” So they are doing so again and again.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thy word is written for even the deaf shall sing

Blessed Brothers and sister(s) be sure the captioning is on to take part in our gospel singsongy singalongy. Let us all now raise our voice in song, so that we may praise him or at least get him to tell us to shut up.

Millions of souls have been saved.

This is my body... Would you like to go big with that?
This is my blood... What size is that a medium?


Heaven checks your Equifax

It's His will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. If you are not rich, white ,Republican and have your herpes under control,
He is not within you.
Let Him come inside. You'll want him to stay there.

With you at my side....

Thy Place is with me...
Apparently across the street at the 7-11.
Thouest moving as fast as thou can blessed Roman assmunch.

Fear Not

Do not fear. I am inside you. I'm always inside you. When you are sleeping I am inside you. When you are alone I am always inside you. When you are late for work I'm deep in you. When you are eating a corndog I will be inside you with that corndog. When you are cold and alone and crying do not fear... I am... inside you. I am your spiritual rapist.

He can save thee.

Let the almighty clip your soul from ye Sunday newpaper that is life.
May he redeem it at checkout. (soul coupon has no cash value)

Grant me the wisdom....

Welcome brothers and sisters to this page of spiritual affirmations. May his light shine upon thee.

Number of followers who have the big guy inside of them

Thy Story is Neverendithing

Thy Story is Neverendithing